We've Moved to An Historic Farm!

We've moved to an historic farm in northern Maryland! Soon you'll see lots of posts about it here (at our new website). So stay in touch. In the meantime, you can track our adventures on Ron's blog page.

Our House is For Sale!

I know, I know: it doesn't seem possible but it's true! We've put a contract in on an historic farm that we hope will be our next project. It's way cool. TO read about our decision, you can find out more here (Loving But Leaving Baltimore) and here (Famous Frat House for Sale). If you know anybody who wants a once-in-a-lifetime house, please sened them our way. Here's the listing: Fabulous Victorian Brownstone For Sale

Welcome to House Love!

In 2000, we bought "as is" a 4500 square-foot, Baltimore Victorian brownstone that had been wrecked by a fraternity. Jill and I had been dating for only six months. We knew nothing about fixing old houses. It was a recipe for disaster. This website tells the story of our efforts to make our love work as we made our old house whole again.

In 2003, we got married in the house. In 2008, THIS OLD HOUSE magazine did a feature about us. Our old house adventure continues. We update our site weekly, with major additions quarterly. So sign up for our email notifications, drop us a line, and keep in touch!
Yours warmly, Ron & Jill

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What Was New in Summer 2013!

  • Jill: We want to welcome Trent, of "Blood, Sweat, & Pigs Ears" and David and Chelle Fuller, of the "Going Dutch Colonial Style," to our Your House spotlight page. If you'd like to showcase a project you're doing, send us some photos and a paragraph about them. We'd love to see your work!
  • Ron: I just spent a couple of weeks upgrading all of our bathroom sinks and faucets. Upgrading for us means getting just the right old stuff, like circa 1900 marble sinks and toilets. You can see this work on our new page: bathrooms.
  • Jill: We have added new, updated photos on most pages because 1) Ron got a better camera (with a wide angle lens) and 2) we do new work on the house every year. So take a look especially at the first floor for some new shots and the library too.
  • Ron: We've improved and expanded our website navigation. Take a look to your upper left and you'll see a table of contents and, below, in the middle of the page is our thumbnail navigation.
  • Jill: We've answered a lot of new how-to questions on our QA page: the latest Questions & Answers
  • Ron: I have filmed more than 150 interviews of people involved with preservation -- everybody from DIY homeowners to directors of national organizations. I will continue gathering interviews this year as I travel the nation.

    You can find this documentary project here: Preservation America
  • Jill: Ron continues his national tour with Cleo. He'll be in New England this fall. Then he heads out to Texas and the West coast January-March. This will be the last leg of his promotion of From Animal House to Our House.

    You can find >>>> Ron's blog posts here <<<

    Complete tour itinerary is here: Ron's Animal House National Tour If you want him to visit your town, just ask!
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